More than 50 firefighters battle massive fire at DeKalb County office complex

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More than 50 firefighters spent Thursday afternoon battling a massive fire at a business complex in DeKalb County.

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SKYFOX 5 flew over the Kensington Office Park located at 4151 Memorial Drive near Kensington Road around 5 p.m. It spotted thick black smoke pouring from the 2-story structure and flames through the roof.

DeKalb County fire officials said the blaze started around 4:45 p.m. Firefighters said the metal roof was acting as a shield, causing problems with for firefighters trying to put water directly on the flames.

Firefighters said it was too dangerous to enter the structure and fight the fire from the inside because of a roof collapse and possible collapse into the first floor as well.

The fire was under control around 6 p.m., firefighters said. They continued to hit hot spots well into the evening hours and begin the process of investigating the cause. Right now, fire investigators are not sure what sparked the blaze.

FOX 5 News was told some government offices are in that complex, but it was not immediately clear which ones.

There were no reports of injuries.