More testimony from state's star witness in Tex McIver murder trial

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The only witness in the murder trial of prominent Atlanta attorney Tex McIver testified for a third day on Wednesday. Prosecutors have charged McIver with murder in the death of his wife, Diane. He admits he shot her in September 2016, but maintains it was an accident. 

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Dani Jo Carter was Mrs. McIver's best friend, and she was the only other person who was with the couple when Mrs. McIver was shot. 

Carter returned to the stand Wednesday and told jurors the McIvers had a bad argument in the past; however, the defense argued it was irrelevant to the case. According to Carter, the argument happened when Mrs. McIver's godson burned his finger at the McIvers' ranch. 


"Diane was saying he was alright and Tex was trying to get Diane to be quiet. They kind of shoved each other, and Tex pushed Diane out of the bedroom and shut the door," Carter said. "I was so upset that I called my husband." 

Carter went on to say the McIvers didn't argue the night of the deadly shooting, and they had been drinking prior to the fight she referred to. 

The defense said the argument Carter talked about has nothing to do with Mrs. McIver's death. 

Tuesday, in a blow to the prosecution, Carter admitted under cross-examination that she told Atlanta Police she thought the deadly shooting was a horrible accident.

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