Family: Man killed in hit-and-run crash in South Fulton

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Police are investigating after a family says a driver killed their grandfather in a hit-and-run crash in South Fulton.

Relatives told FOX 5 the incident happened just after midnight Tuesday on Butner Road.

Linda Burns said her husband was riding his motor scooter when the incident happened. The two were married 15 years.  She and her daughter, Jillian Hill, sat down with FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell this week.

"How can somebody just leave someone on the side of the road without stopping?  I am just devastated because he was a good person," Hill said.

"Anybody... that goes for animals and everything. You just can not leave them for dead. You have to have some kind of heart," Mrs. Burns added.

Pieces of the victims' scooter remain on the side of the road. FOX 5 is working to get details on the investigation.

If you have any information, please call the authorities.