East Point pit bull attacks woman

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An East Point woman said she is afraid to go for her daily walks.

Marilyn Martin told FOX 5 News she encountered the pit bull near the intersection of Wood Hill Lane and Greenwood Circle in East Point. It was shortly after 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Martin was used to seeing the animal in a fenced-in yard.

“The dog was in someone else's yard,” said Martin. “It's an older lady's [yard] and if she had come out what would have happened to her?”

Martin said she didn't see anyone outside at the time. She started screaming for help.

“The dog got in position to attack and started growling and he jumped up at me. I took a step back and he got me on my chest. He was biting me on my chest.”

She said she later realized the dog also bit her arm.

“My wife heard screaming outside,” said neighbor Travis Burton.

Burton, who is a police officer, ran outside to help.

“I just took off my shirt because I saw she had a huge puncture wound right there. My first responder training kicked in. I put pressure on the wound and called 911.”

Other neighbors had run outside. They started yelling at the dog and ran it away.

Lifeline Animal Project with Fulton County Animal Services said the dog is under quarantine until July 20, and its owner has been cited.

FOX 5's Kerry Charles knocked on the owner's door Thursday evening, but no one answered.