DeKalb County Teacher Charged with Hit and Run

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A DeKalb County educator finds himself in jail after police said he left the scene of an accident and then committed a second crime to cover up the first.

Detectives said McNair High School Specialist Kenneth Baker struck a truck on McAfee Road Dec. 19, but kept going.

Construction worker Willie Smothers said he was badly hurt and his truck's rear end was knocked off, but nothing seemed to matter to educator Baker. Detectives said Baker hit a home owner's mailbox on McAfee before speeding off.

He got about a mile away before officer's said his car caught fire. He ultimately abandoned it, but not before a neighbor took a picture of the burning car and gave it to police.

The next day, Dec. 20, officers said Baker called police claiming his Audi was stolen. When officers started connecting the dots, they realized Baker had not been truthful.

Baker is charged with lying to police and insurance fraud because they said he filed a claim. He also faces two counts of hit and run and making a false report.