DeKalb County family's apartment ceiling collapses for second time

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A family living in the Spring Valley Apartments in DeKalb County was shocked when a large portion of their ceiling collapsed. 

Jasmin Ponder said she was in the apartment living room when she started hearing loud noises in the bedroom. When she went to investigate, large pieces of the ceiling were coming down. Some insulation and drywall hit her shoulder, but she was not hurt.

This is the second time since June the ceiling inside this apartment has come crashing down.

During her son’s birthday party in June, the entire ceiling in the living room of the apartment came down on several family members and small children.

Ponder and her family were out of the unit for about a month for repairs. She said apartment management offered them a one bedroom unit to live in, but that was not enough space for the family of four, so they stayed with family and friends then.

This time, Ponder said she isn’t sure where they’re going to go. 

FOX 5 called emergency maintenance and the management office for the Spring Valley Apartments. Emergency maintenance said they were coming to the apartment Friday morning to clean up.

Management has not responded with a statement.

Ponder says she is grateful no one was hurt, but she doesn’t know how she will replace the damaged items or where her family will live if they have to vacate the unit.