Cobb County dad earns extra money with online resell app

Poshmark is an online social commerce app where users can buy and sell clothing. Shaun Bartley has been turning "trash into cash" for about four years.

He says it started at as bonding with his mother, and once he saw the results of how much money he could make he took it more seriously.

Sellers can generate anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars through Poshmark.

Shaun says over the past four years he's made about $25,000 dollars. His technique involves visiting thrift stores, selling his own items, and items of friends who aren't able to.

Some clothing items are designer, others are store brand.

You may even find a few vintage pieces as well.

To find Shaun on Poshmark you can follow him @spb481

To learn more about Poshmark click here.