Body of missing Newton County man found in lake

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The body of a missing Newton County man was found in Jackson Lake after investigators say he disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office said 49-year-old Johnny Green failed to return home after fishing at a nearby lake with a neighbor Sunday afternoon.

Officials say early indications show no obvious signs of trauma and that the cause of death is unknown.

"It's kind of scary these things happen so close to home," said Allison Womack.

Womack works at a store near her subdivision where she is neighbors with Green.

"I hope he's found I hope they get some answers and I hope it's only positive things," said Womack.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office said Green and a neighbor had gone fishing Sunday on the banks of Jackson Lake near the bridge on Conley Ditch Road when he disappeared.

"Mr. Green went back out to the road to retrieve some cigarettes and he never returned to his friend," said Sgt. Cortney Morrison, Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Morrison said Investigators are conducting searches of the scene and the area as well as interviewing Green family members and the neighbor who went fishing with him.

He wasn't home, but his stepmother was.

"Anybody who turns up missing it's important to find out what happens to them. I hope that whoever knows anything would just please contact the police and help this poor family," said Kathy Mortby.

The sheriff's office said Green and his neighbor were in Green's vehicle which was found at the scene. Unclear how the neighbor left that scene.

The police report said Green's wife called deputies to report her husband missing Monday afternoon after last speaking to him on the phone Sunday night.

"Mr. Green was reported the day after he went, he officially went missing and the circumstances for that happening I'm not sure of," said Sgt. Morrison.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious around the Jackson Lake area where Green was last seen to give them a call.

"No matter how minute a citizen might think what they saw was to law enforcement it might be the break we need to locate Mr. Green," said Sgt. Morrison.

She said Newton County Sheriff’s investigators also are tracking electronic trails like cell phone calls or credit card purchases. But so far they do not know the location of Johnny Green.