Burgers with Buck: Willie T's Big Sexy

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When you think of Big Sexy, is longtime MLB pitcher Bartolo Colon the first thing that comes to mind?

Move over Bartolo, there’s a new Big Sexy in town, and by in town I mean in downtown Hiram, G-A. The Big Sexy is not technically “on the menu” at Willie T’s Dawgs & Burgers, and if you want one, you have to ask for it by name. 

It’s definitely big beginning with “the bun,” or as I like to call it, two grilled cheese, chili, and onion sandwiches made with Texas Toast. In the middle, a large beef pattie with mustard and more chili, and then stacked high. It is definitely as sexy as it is big.

There’s a catch, The Big Sexy is not technically on the menu at Willie T’s. Relax, it is always available, but there’s a catch, you have to ask for it by name.

Four more things…

  • Full disclosure, Ron Gant and Willie T’s owner Allen Wilson played minor league baseball together many moons ago.
  • The aforementioned Ron Gant will splurge and eat a giant, greasy burger from time to time.
  • There is an abandoned Speak Easy below the restaurant and it is supposedly haunted by a former owner, Archie Smith.
  • I am currently lobbying to have the name of the restaurant changed from Willie T’s Dawgs & Burgers to Willie T’s Burgers & Dawgs.

Thanks for joining #BurgersWithBuck, Ron Gant, you are invited anytime.

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