Burgers with Buck: The Battery Atlanta

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Opening day is a lot like a holiday in these parts. Optimism abounds as the Braves prepare to kick off the 2018 season against the Phillies at SunTrust Park. Never one to miss out on a big local event, #BurgersWIthBuck decided to not only break from our traditional Friday time slot, but also to give you a triple play of burger coverage from The Battery Atlanta. For the record, we will bring you three more in the 8:00 hour on Friday.  Yes, that’s six burgers over two days if you’re scoring at home. In other words, you’re about to get more bang for your #BurgersWithBuck, than ever before.

There are plenty of food options in every price range at the Battery and inside SunTrust Park, so it was tough to narrow our featured restaurants down to six, but we did.

In part one, we feature #BWB #120, #121, and #122. Make no mistake, just because we feature six burgers over two days doesn’t mean that you should try to keep up that pace.  After all, we are professionals.  #Haha! The good news is you have 81 home games to try all of the burger options, and keep your fingers crossed, perhaps some playoff games as well.  Not to mention, SunTrust Park is also a great place to go during Braves road trips, and for that matter the offseason.

Here we go, burger #120 is the Achie’s Burger from Achie’s located in the Omni Hotel, burger #121 is the Breakfast Burger from Goldbergs, and burger #122 is The Beast, from Wahlburgers. Click on the story below for all the juicy, mouth-watering details.

For more information go to http://batteryatl.com/, https://www.facebook.com/AchiesATL/ , https://www.goldbergbagel.com/, and https://www.wahlburgersrestaurant.com/ .

And check out Good Day Atlanta tomorrow for three more burgers from The Battery Atlanta at SunTrust Park.

Play ball and Go Braves!

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