Couple helps save pregnant woman's life at a gas station

A couple's timely stop at a gas station in downtown Atlanta helped save the life of a pregnant woman who was unconscious from an apparent overdose. 

Jacqueline and Christopher Ross stopped at the Texaco on University Avenue near Pryor Road Wednesday night when they noticed a woman in a car nearby. 

"She was slumped completely over in her seat. She was in the passenger's seat of her car. All the windows were down," Jacqueline Ross said. 

She said she noticed the woman's face was blue. She ran back to the car and grabbed some Narcan, a drug that is used to reverse the effects of an overdose. 

"Thankfully, we had the Narcan on us. I administered one dose. That one did thankfully bring her back to where... you could hear her breathing," Jacqueline Ross said. 

Meanwhile, her husband was on the phone with 911 and following instructions from the operator. 

"They told me that I was going to pull her out of the car and start chest compressions. By the time I picked her up and pulled her out. She came to, then she started like freaking out," Christopher Ross said. 

The couple was even able to contact the woman's friend to make sure paramedics had all the information they needed before taking her to the hospital. 

For the couple, this scene was far too personal and unfortunately one they've both seen before.

"I've come from a long past of struggling with problems, especially with addiction and coming back. Thankfully I've been good for a couple of years now," Jacqueline Ross said. 

Between carrying Narcan and sharing their past,  the couple said they're doing what they can to help others who are struggling with a familiar problem. 

They say they were thankful to be in the right place at the right time to be able to give this stranger a second chance. 

"Just to be there to help someone, that's satisfying," Jacqueline Ross said.