Cashier: Armed woman confronted him at McDonalds

A mistake with a fast food order ended with a threat against a teenage cashier.

Jaquori Williams says he got into an argument with a woman who ordered a Happy Meal at the McDonald's on Flat Shoals Road in DeKalb County.

Williams says the woman wasn't happy about his interaction with another customer.

"She was just threatening me like, 'I stay strapped up," he said.

After an exchange of words, Williams says the woman left.

But he says when he left work, she was standing by her car with a gun.

"They grabbed a gun and started holding it to her hip and telling everybody to hold something," Williams said.

He says his coworkers came out to protect him from the woman.

"They were like 'You are not about to do that. You are a grown woman trying to do this to a high school kid. You need to chill,'" Williams said.

DeKalb County Police say that even though Williams and his coworkers saw the weapon, the woman didn't point it at the teen.