Wasted money: The recurring fee drain

Most of us know exactly where are paycheck is going before it even lands in our bank account. But, still, many of us are leaking money we don't know about.

We budget and know that X number of dollars goes to groceries, to gas, to rent. But how about the monthly recurring bills that may go straight to a credit card each month? I can't remember all of them either. So I created a quick list for you.

Let's start with bank fees. Add them up over the course of a year and figure out exactly what you're spending. We're talking about account maintenance fees and ATM fees. Oh, and how about those two overdraft charges last year? Do that and you'll get a little sticker shock Don't be surprised to see $250, $300 pop up.

Cable is already a wallet crusher, but now many of us fold in extra sources like Hulu and Netflix.  Then there are the music subscriptions like Spotify and Pandora. Or, how about your satellite radio package? It doesn't seem like much on the surface - a $10 or $15 subscription monthly, but if you subscribe to one of each you're looking at another $400 a year.

And then, of course, there is the gym membership. Summer is a good time to put it on hold, if you can, and save about $60 a month. Go outside and walk, run or swim. Or, at the very least, if you're not using all of the amenities, maybe you need a more streamlined gym.

Now add all of these up:  $250 in bank fees, $400 in recurring entertainment fees, the $700 a year or so at the gym. I've added my numbers and only then did I realize I'm spending about 700 bucks a year that I'm not including in my budget.  Time to start cutting.

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