Tech glitches keep Atlanta voters waiting for mail ballots

The election director for Georgia’s most populous county said Thursday that technical issues have prevented officials from processing absentee ballot applications sent in by email, causing a backlog of thousands of pending applications ahead of the June 9 primaries.

Georgia high court upholds canceling of judicial election

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger cannot be forced to hold an election that was scheduled for a seat on the state Supreme Court that will become vacant with the resignation of a current justice, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

Switching remaining primaries to vote-by-mail not so easy

Voting rights groups and the head of the Democratic National Committee want the states with remaining primary elections to offer voting by mail as a way to ensure that voters can safely cast their ballots amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Candidate fields for 2020 races in Georgia take final shape

Crowded candidate fields for two U.S. Senate races on Georgia’s 2020 ballots took final shape Friday, the deadline for contenders to sign up. Meanwhile, a woman recently pardoned by President Donald Trump filed paperwork to challenge Democratic U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta.

Hearing set on county decision to ditch new voting machines

Georgia’s state election board on Thursday scheduled an emergency hearing on the decision by election officials in one county to use hand-marked paper ballots for the presidential primary rather than the state’s new voting machines.

Lawyer warned Georgia county on dumping new voting system

A Georgia county has opted to ditch the state’s new voting machines and switch to hand-marked paper ballots during early voting for the March presidential primary, despite a warning from the county’s attorney that the decision could result in litigation that’s tough to defend in court.

Georgia judge rules against activists in ballot secrecy suit

A judge has declined to order election officials in a Georgia county to use hand-marked paper ballots after election integrity activists raised concerns that the state’s new voting machines violate voters’ right to a secret ballot.

California voting changes raise concerns for Super Tuesday

More than 2.7 million of a record nearly 20.7 million registered voters had returned ballots in early voting, Secretary of State Alex Padilla said. California is among several states holding elections on “Super Tuesday," and the state's 416 delegates are a rich prize for the Democrats.

Bill aims to reduce long lines at Georgia polling places

Legislation filed Friday aims to reduce long lines at Georgia polling places on election day. It would also give county election officials flexibility to determine how many voting machines they think they need for elections that generally have lower turnout.