Woman continues to search for answers two months after her brother's murder

A woman is asking for those who have information on her brother's murder to come forward and speak with the police. 

Marquita Simmons said her 25-year-old brother, Devin Michael Parks, was shot at an apartment complex on New Town Circle SE in Atlanta on Thanksgiving. 


He died at the hospital and Simmons was the one who had to help authorities identify his body. 

"In terms of him being taken, my life changed within a day," she said. 

Simmons doesn't want her younger brother to become just another statistic. 

"I feel like he's just going to be left out there as a person that was murdered because that particular area, it is a high crime area," Simmons said. 

It has been more than two months since her brother's death, and she said she hasn't learned much about her brother's murder.

She said she heard that he may have been the victim of a robbery and that he was shot in the back. 

"He has two daughters out here who were just left in limbo, and a mom, siblings, that don't know what happened. We're hearing bits and pieces but no one is willing to put a name on the bits and pieces.," she said. 

She said Parks loved his two little girls, one who is two years old and the other who is just 9 months old. 

Simmons and her husband have taken the kids in. While the kids likely will not remember their father, she said she wants to make sure they grow up knowing who he was. 

She's pleading for people to know something about her brother's murder to speak up, so that she and her family can find a little bit of peace. 

"He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He didn't have much himself. So just to know that he was out there trying to do the best that he could with what he had and willing to share that with other people. I was so proud of him. His life was taken so recklessly," Simmons said.  

If you have any information, please contact Atlanta Police.

You can help out the family by donating to their GoFundMe.