Truck driver shot at fuel pump in Butts County

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Butts County investigators have not released the name of the truck drivers involved in an altercation that ended with gunfire out of Jackson truck stop. But authorities have not ruled out self-defense.

"The driver who fired several shots is not in custody. All of this is still under investigation," said Major Jeff Nix.

Major Nix told FOX 5's Portia Bruner the 911 calls came in just after 1 p.m. about a fight between the two drivers.

"Apparently, this started over one of the drivers taking too much time at the diesel fuel pump," said Major Nix. The victim was hit several times and airlifted to a Macon Hospital. He was alert, conscious and breathing at the time and the shooter stayed on the scene," Nix added.

Butts County deputies hope security cameras will shed some light on what prompted the shooting, but the trucked accused of firing several shots was not taken into custody.

While truckers say they understand how frustrating it is to wait for a driver who blocks a pump long after they've finished refueling their truck, they say it should never come to this.

"There was a time when we used to look out for each other, but it's not like that anymore. You don't know who's going to try to run you off the road or who's going to try to shoot you. It's just scary out here," said veteran trucker Rita Bucko.