Police: Traffic stop catches New Jersey murder suspect

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A seemingly routine traffic stop in Smyrna ended with the arrest of a fugitive wanted in a homicide in New Jersey, police said.

On Thursday, officials say a sergeant was on Windy Hill Road in Smyrna when he stopped a car for speeding.

When he was approaching the car, the sergeant said, he noticed the driver and passenger switch places.

The driver, identified as Thomas Hasan Lopez, turned out to have a suspended license.

The driver then tried to run while the sergeant was taking him into custody, but he was caught shortly afterward by other officers on the traffic detail.

While the suspect was being processed, the Smyrna Police Department received a call from the Hudson County, New Jersey Sheriff's Office. The detective said that Lopez was a fake identity and that he was actually Elnardo Chandler, a suspect in a New Jersey homicide and an attempted homicide in North Carolina.

Police have begun the extradition process to send Chandler back to New Jersey.