Police search for man accused of trying to kidnap 10-year-old girl

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Gwinnett County Police are looking for a man in a pickup truck who tried to entice a 10-year-old with candy. 

The child's mother, Dr. Marcella Cox, told FOX 5 the man approached her daughter Tuesday night around 7:30 p.m. as she rode her bike in the Haralson Hills subdivision.

"A silver truck apparently pulled up next to my daughter, then the man rolled his window down and said he had some candy and asked her if she wanted to get in and she said 'no thank you,' backed away and took off running,"  Dr. Cox told FOX 5. 

The child described the man as a white male with glasses in a silver pickup truck.

Gwinnett Police said the attempted abduction should remind all parents to talk with their children about stranger danger. 

"We talk about it in our house and I hope families all over the area are talking about it now that summer is here,"  the mother of three shared.