Police: Man shot trying to stop robbery

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A man was shot as he tried to stop robbers from stealing his friend's purse, according to police.

The victim and his female friend left East Atlanta Village's Flatiron Bar and Restaurant around midnight. He walked the woman to her car, which was parked down the street on Glenwood Avenue.

After the man left, a dark-colored sedan pulled up with four people inside. Two men got out of the car and grabbed the woman's purse. She struggled with them, but when one of the robbers pulled a gun, the woman let go and screamed for help.

Her friend heard the calls and rushed back to help. Investigators said that's when one of the robbers fired at him, hitting the victim in the leg. 

FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor talked to the robbery victim who said she did not want to be identified or talk about the robbery. She said the heist greatly set her back and she was trying to recover from the ordeal. 

Paramedics rushed the man to Grady Memorial Hospital with what police called nonlife-threatening injuries.

He was released from the hospital Tuesday morning, but also declined to comment. 

A woman who knows both the victim and the hero said she was not surprised by the courage the hero showed.

"He's just a good guy. All the guys around here make sure you don't walk to your car by yourself. Females get taken care of here. We are a family," the woman said. 

She told FOX 5 the wounded man has walked her to her car dozens of times before.

It's a camraderie in East Atlanta, she has come to enjoy.

"Friends look out for each other, family looks out for each other and that's why he did what he did," the woman noted.

Two suspects escaped with the woman's purse in the sedan, which police said had drive-out tags. The other two suspects fled on foot.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Atlanta Police right away.