Pack of dogs attack 5, send 2 to the hospital in Cobb County

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Two were rushed to the hospital in Cobb County after being attacked by a pack of dogs Wednesday morning.

It happened just before 11:30 a.m. Wednesday near the area of Beverly Lane off Windy Hill Road. Cobb County Police said seven dogs escaped from a home and attacked a neighbor. Police said her son and others were able to chase off the dogs.

Officers arrived in the 2300 block of Beverly Lane and found the dogs attacking another person. Police said officers were forced to open fire on two of the dogs, killing one of canine. They were then able to get the woman to safety.

Cobb County Animal Services were able to eventually wrangle the remaining dogs into their custody.

Five people were injured, but only two went to the hospital, police said.

No charges have been filed. The investigation remained open as of Thursday evening.