Man shot, killed in apartment complex

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DeKalb County Police are looking for a gunman who killed a man in an apartment complex late Wednesday night.

The shooting happened at the Hidden Villas complex on Panthersville Road.  Police first got a call about multiple shots being fired and then another call saying a person had been shot in the complex.

Responding officers searched the area and found the victim dead in an open space near one of the buildings.

The victim's name hasn't been released, but detectives told FOX 5 he is 24-years-old. Investigators said they have no idea who killed the man or the motive for the crime. 

Investigators told FOX 5 they found a possible witness and hope that person can shed some light on what happened.  They also plan on talking to the victim's family members. 

A number of distraught people showed up at the scene. Detectives hope they can help ID the killer.