Longtime friend of Tex McIver's wife takes the stand

The Tex McIver murder trial resumed this week. 

Prosecutors have charged McIver with murder in the death of his wife, Diane. He admits he shot her in September 2016, but maintains it was an accident. 

Monday morning, Diane McIver's friend of more than 40 years, Bill Corey, took the stand. He remembered her as "generous, compassionate and shrewd." 

Corey, the founder of the Corey Company, described the McIvers' marriage as "normal."

Mrs. McIver worked at the Corey Company with her longtime friend, serving as president. 

Corey became emotional at times during his testimony, describing Mrs. McIver as a friend that was more like a sister. 

"He shot her in the back," Corey testified about Tex McIver. 

He went on to say Diane's friend, Dani Jo Carter, who's the only witness to the murder, told him McIver shot Diane. 

"She didn't tell me it was an accident," he said. 

Following Corey's testimony, Anne Schwall took the stand. Schwall is the mother of the McIvers' godson. 

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