Loaded handgun found in break room at Atlanta's airport

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A handgun with 10 rounds was left in an employee break room at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

That weapon did not belong to law enforcement, but a civilian worker. And, according to authorities, the .45-caliber handgun should not have been taken into the secured area adjacent to the primary checkpoint.

A TSA screener brought his personal weapon to the job, a violation of policy, said a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security.

It happened on Monday. The gun was in a backpack. Evidently, this employee forgot the backpack when he decided to clock out for the day. A co-worker went over to look at the bag which was in a chair. That co-worker could see a black gun in a rear pocket.

A TSA supervisor was called along with the airport police, which took possession of the gun.

A retired police supervisor called the episode a breach. Richard Straut said he will watch to see if any action is taken against the employee.

TSA officials declined our requests for an interview. A spokesperson said the screener's security badge was deactivated and that employee no longer works for the security agency.