Gwinnett County voters to weigh in on MARTA expansion

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In Gwinnett County voters are weighing in on plans to expand MARTA service into the area.

If the measure passes, MARTA will take over the county's current bus system and 50 miles of a dedicated lane for a Bus Rapid Transit System will be added.

It would also extend MARTA's gold train line from Doraville to Interstate 85 and Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

Ahead of election day, FOX 5 participated in a ride-along tour to see the bus rapid transit route firsthand.

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Alan Chapman, the county's transportation director, said if the measure passes, it will be good for the area in a number of ways.

"This really is a chance to provide people with a lot more transportation options," Chapman said. "Additional transit is critical to attracting good jobs."

Election day is Tuesday, March 19.