Good Day Atlanta viewer information: June 23, 2022

Classic board game "Clue" comes to life in Atlanta escape room: 

Was it Colonel Mustard with the revolver in the study? Or maybe Mrs. Peacock with the knife in the ballroom? We can’t give away the answer, but we can point you in the right direction if you’re up for an interactive mystery-adventure here in Atlanta!

National escape room brand Breakout Games has teamed up with Hasbro, Inc. to launch an official escape room version of the classic board game "Clue" — and Atlanta just so happens to be the third city to get one! "CLUE: The Escape Room" opened earlier this month at the Breakout Games location on Roswell Road in Atlanta, and promises to plunge players straight into a life-sized version of the classic whodunit, challenging them to uncover a suspect, weapon and room in less than an hour.

Clue, of course, has been stumping amateur sleuths since 1949, when it was first released as a board game in the United Kingdom under the name "Cluedo." The game has gone through various design refreshes over the years, but the concept remains the same: a murder has been committed at Boddy Mansion, and it’s up to players to figure out who did it, what weapon was used, and in which room it happened. 

So, ready to grab your magnifying glass and start searching for clues? Breakout Games is located at 3867 Roswell Road Northeast in Atlanta (near Chastain Park in Buckhead), and pricing is based on the number of players in a group. For more information, click here.

Little known fact: a certain handsome feature reporter happens to be a "Clue" fanatic and has a massive collection of various version of the board game. So, you didn’t think he was going to turn down the chance to spend the morning inside "CLUE: The Escape Room," did you? Click the video player in this article to check it out! 

Filmmaker Fr3deR1cK Taylor and Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta President Frank Fernandez discuss TogetherATL: 

Fr3deR1cK has an exciting campaign that he's doing with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta called, "TogetherATL." The campaign is all about shining a light on the equity problem in Atlanta. For instance, did you know Atlanta is among the fastest regions for growth in suburban poverty, or that it has the worst economic mobility in the nation? Through TogetherATL, the Foundation promises to make equity and shared prosperity for all its focus for the next five years.

‘Digital Addiction’ on A&E with Coach Craig Perra: As the world emerges from the global COVID pandemic that forced many to live in isolation, our reliance on digital devices has never been stronger. It is a reality that has taken a toll on many people, with digital addiction rates skyrocketing to unprecedented levels. "Digital Addiction" is a groundbreaking new series from the Emmy Award-winning producers of "Intervention," and uncovers the frightening and damaging world of digital dependency and the dramatic impact on the families affected by it. From gaming and social media obsession, to cyber relationship addiction to compulsive information seeking, the addictions are as varied and unexpected as the backgrounds of the addicted. Catch "Digital Addiction" Mondays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

Pierson Fode' talks his starring role in Netflix’s highly anticipated "Man From Toronto": Alongside Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco, the film follows the world’s deadliest assassin, known as "The Man from Toronto" (Woody Harrelson) and a man named ‘Teddy’ (Hart) who is described as "New York’s biggest screw-up." The two run into each other in a rented Airbnb and are forced to team up and save the day. Fodé plays ‘The Man from Miami,’ a younger, stronger, better hitman than the past-his-prime Man From Toronto. Catch the film Friday, June 24 on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

Keith Bolden stars in season two of "Terror Lake Drive" on AMC streaming platform AllBlk: The show follows a suburb of Atlanta that is rocked by a string of disappearing women set against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic. Keith plays Detective Reynolds, a hard-nosed detective searching for the truth which eventually leads him to uncover a world of sex trafficking. Learn more about the show here.

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