Georgia coronavirus cases are up, and it's not just because of testing, doctors say

Georgia is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases and doctors say it isn't just because more people are getting tested.

Gwinnett County now has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the state with 6,043 confirmed cases.

Rounding out the top three are Fulton County, with 5,444 confirmed cases as of Wednesday and DeKalb County, which has 4,666 cases. 

Fulton County has the highest coronavirus deaths.

Yes, testing has increased, but that doesn’t explain the increased numbers, doctors say.

"It’s not only volume of testing contributing to our numbers," Dr. Danny Branstetter, a medical director of infection prevention with Wellstar said.

"The percent positive is also increasing, leading to evidence that we are experiencing the increased ongoing spread of this virus in our community," he said.

Brent Jones made a Kroger run for milk and yogurt without his mask. He says normally has one, but thinks he’ll be alright from the quick in-and-out trip.

Dr. Brandstetter says something covering your face is better than nothing.

"If it’s contained within that paper mask, it’s not [as likely to] impact others,"

He also says rural communities should keep their guard up, especially now.

"Our rural communities are having that much higher rates than our cities. That is even four to five times population-wise," he said.