Former Henry County officer rejects plea deal

Prosecutors were considering filing additional charges against a former Henry County police officer who was seen on a video choking a former football player during an arrest.

David Rose rejected a plea offer Tuesday in his first court appearance as a defendant. He is accused of grabbing former NFL player Desmond Marrow by the neck and choking him while he was in handcuffs.

The arrest happened in December 2017 on Jonesboro Road following what police describe as a road rage incident. Marrow faced charges of terroristic threats, reckless driving, and aggressive driving, although attorneys said the charge of terroristic threats were later dropped.

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Following the incident, Marrow posted a video of the arrest on his Instagram page in April, which showed officers slamming Marrow to the ground while attempting to arrest him. The police report stated Marrow was visibly agitated and resisted arrest.

Henry County Police Chief Amerman said the department started an internal affairs investigation into Officer Rose several weeks before Marrow posted the video on his Instagram which ended with Rose’s termination and subsequent charges.

Rose was charged with simple battery. He will not be booked into jail until after his case is presented to a grand jury.

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