Chief: Thieves target guns over tech in car break-ins

Gun carriers who leave their weapons inside their car may one day be faced with the reality that a thief will make off with it.

That is because metro Atlanta area chiefs are seeing a trend whereby weapons, not cell phones, have become the favorite item of smash and grab crooks.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields recently reported almost one thousand weapons were taken out of cars in Atlanta alone. And already this year, the rate of gun theft is outpacing what was seen in 2017.

Gun dealer Todd Whiddon said it is possible to have security everywhere you go and keep that gun secure while traveling. Merchants sell small safes that can be kept inside of cars not far from the reach of the steering wheel. And security features run the gamut from a steel cable lock to high tech. There is even a gun compartment that allows access by fingerprint. And Whiddon, a manager at Smyrna's Adventure Outdoors, has another a tip that won't cost any money.

He said it may not be a good idea to stick a weapon manufacturer's label on the windshield telegraphing to a thief what is inside.