911 call released from vicious Cobb County dog attack

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Two were rushed to the hospital in Cobb County after being attacked by a pack of dogs Wednesday morning.

It happened just before 11:30 a.m. Wednesday near the area of Beverly Lane off Windy Hill Road. Cobb County Police said seven dogs escaped from a home and attacked a neighbor. Police said her son and others were able to chase off the dogs.

Officers arrived in the 2300 block of Beverly Lane and found the dogs attacking another person. Police said officers were forced to open fire on two of the dogs, killing one of the canines. They were then able to get the woman to safety.

In a chilling 911 call obtained by FOX 5 News, caller Raymond Patton can be heard desperately trying to kick away the dogs mauling his 82-year-old mother.

Patton described the deep gashes that now cover her body.

"Only God is what saved my mother's life because if you'd seen her, or you seen what was going on, nobody would believe a human being would survive that," Patton said.

Cobb County Animal Services were able to eventually wrangle the remaining dogs into their custody.

The owner of the dogs told FOX 5 News Friday all seven of her dogs have since been put down.

Patton said he feels more at ease with the dogs gone, but said he wished the action was taken sooner.

"I'm beyond frustrated," Patton said.

Cobb County Police reports reveal Patton complained about his neighbor's dogs at least three times in 2018, but notably, for nothing as serious as Wednesday's incident.

"The owner has been cited several times for different things, loose dogs, things like that," Officer Neil Penirelli told FOX 5 News. "So, we are trying, but there's only so much we can do sometimes, especially if the dogs at that point are not attacking anybody [or] not being vicious."

Five people were injured, but only two went to the hospital, police said.

Police added that the owners of the dogs could possibly face charges, but nothing is definitive yet.

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