Viral video raises questions of if Atlanta police are outgunned

- Thousands have seen the chilling video of a shootout at an Atlanta gas station. Reactions from some Atlanta police officers are that it could mean they could be outgunned when they try to confront some criminals. They said the particular bullet should have never been on our streets.

The video has a wow factor to it. It looks like a video game or a Hollywood action adventure thriller. Atlanta officers have a different view. In looking at what was recovered at the scene, FOX 5 News has confirmed the bullets are bigger than what are commonly used at the Atlanta police.

“This is inherent in law enforcement, since the Bonnie and Clyde days, we have been outgunned,” said Vince Champion, Atlanta Police Union Director.

One of the two had an AK-47 adapted with a pistol grip. Recovered from a scene in which a passenger was the lone person struck, a heavy duty 7.62 round. A retired officer who is a union director, said police have taken note it is mightier fire power than the patrol command has purchased. But should that weapon be out on the street?

“First and foremost, for the main reason that police agencies are very cautious of the bullets that we carry, is for the public. Those bullets travel through a lot of different things. The bigger the bullet the more of a threat it is to us,” said Champion.

Champion, to be sure, would never say a law-abiding motorist should not have protection. But he said they don't need what is seen in the video. If a young person ever got their hands on one, he explains why it could be especially dangerous.

“He didn't know what he was doing. because if the gun had a stock on it, a person who knew how to use that open would have opened that stock up and been able to not have to, what we call, pray and spray. what he was doing was shooting at somebody,” said Champion.

Atlanta police would like to track down that gun used in the station shootout.

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