Teen arrested, accused of throwing objects at cars

- Deputies said he was randomly throwing objects at moving cars from his moving vehicle in south Forsyth County this weekend. A total of five people have come forward with extensive damage to their cars. Deputies said they think there may be more victims.

Investigators said 18-year-old Christopher Kratzer is behind bars after numerous eyewitnesses helped deputies track him down.

Anthony Gallo showed FOX 5 News the rock he believes shattered the windshield of his wife's car this weekend while they were traveling on Nichols Road not far from their home.

"We were driving, it hit we stopped and I looked in my rearview mirror and there was a car that passed us at the same time the same time," said Tracy Gallo, his wife.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office shared several pictures of other vehicles with damage with FOX 5 News. All were targeted this past weekend by according to Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman by 18-year-old Christopher Kratzer

"This gentleman it turns out to be this suspect was throwing a multitude of items, there were large blocks of wood, glass paper weights, there were other items, we believe rocks were some of the reported items as well." said Sheriff Freeman.

The sheriff said statements from victims, eyewitnesses, and chatter on social media led deputies to Kratzer. He was pulled over during a traffic stop in a blue sedan, the same one identified by eyewitnesses. Sheriff Kratzer said it's a wonder no one was seriously hurt considering the force of the objects thrown a car coming at another moving vehicle.

"So you have a closing speed, it closes up at nearly 100 miles an hour, fifty miles an hour one way or the other. By the grace of God, no one was seriously injured in these but we weren't far from something like that happening," said Sheriff Freeman.

He said Kratzer admitted to throwing the objects while he was driving.

"He actually was in the driver’s seat throwing it over the top of the vehicle with his left hand," said Sheriff Freeman.

Kratzer faces five counts of terroristic threats and acts and five counts of criminal damage to property.

"It's sickening that a kid, anybody would think to do something like that and hurt somebody that you don't even know who they are," said Anthony Gallo, one of the victims.

Christopher Kratzer remains behind bars on a bond of more than $78,000 at the Forsyth County Jail. Sheriff Freeman told FOX 5 News there were others in the car with Kratzer who were not charged because they told investigators they wanted no part of the violence.

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