19 years later and The Phoenix Lights mystery goes on

It comes around this time of year; Phoenix residents start talking about the Phoenix Lights. 19-years-ago thousands of people saw what they believed were UFO's over the valley. But were they UFO's or were they flares?
"While thousands of people were outside hoping to get a glimpse of the Hayle Bop comet, they also caught a glimpse of a mile to two mile wide very credible reports either orbs, these giant balls of light that seemed to be attached to something in a mile wide v formation or actual craft," said Dr. Lynne Kitei.
They were called the Phoenix Lights and quickly became one of the largest mass-UFO sightings of all time.
"There were many events started at 3 p.m. in the afternoon all the way until 5 a.m. the next morning," said Kitei.
Kitei is a Phoenix physician and was one of the first people to witness and record the lights from her home in Paradise Valley.
"For 19 years we have tried to defend these incredible videos," she said.
She wrote a book about her investigation and produced an award-winning documentary. Kitei says there's almost always something new.
An anonymous source called "Thinker Thunker" says he took shaky video of the Phoenix lights and used a computerized stabilization technique. He tried to debunk the US Air Force claim that the Phoenix Lights were flares dropped by National Guard A-10's on a training mission over the Goldwater Range.
The video analysis plays for a minute, and the lights do not move.
"Five flares stay perfect with one another; that's uncanny," he said.
Then one seemed to split off and go up.
"Flares can't do that, flares drift and drop with the wind, they have huge smoke trails illuminated by the flare itself, and illuminate the area around, that's what they are used for," said Kitei.
Another video was shot by Mike Kryzston from his back yard in Moon Valley. He spoke to FOX 10 in 1997, just days after the sightings. He doesn't think they are flares, but he's not going to bother arguing his case anymore.
"People who believe in the flares are not going to believe in anything else. I don't know what they are, but know that they are," he said.
Doctor Kitei isn't sure what they are either even after 19 years of research. Still she hopes to find out and keep the discussion going.
"It's time we get this topic out in the open, we address it, we accept it, and we study it, so we can move forward, and also find out who is driving these things, but also move forward in our own evolution," said Kitei.
For more information about Kitei's documentary visit: http://www.thephoenixlights.net/PL_Home.htm
Thinker Thunker video:
Thinker Thunker website:
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