Madison County keeps an eye out for escaped inmates

- One of the two fugitives on the lam for killing two Corrections officers has deep roots in Madison County.

Richard Chamberlain said he is a friend of Dubose. He met with FOX 5’s George Franco on Woods Roy Road near Comer on Wednesday where he said the Dubose family used to live.

"I just wish he'd turned himself in so that they don't take his life ‘cause if they get him, they're probably going to take his life they're not happy," said Chamberlain.

Chamberlain said he came to Roy Woods Road hoping he would run into Dubose. He said the Dubose family moved and had deputies coming by their new location all day long.

"Everybody else is having to deal with the police because of what you've done just turn yourself in if not, they're going to kill you," said Chamberlain.

Captain Jimmy Patton with the Madison County Sheriff's Office said deputies have checked everywhere they can for Dubose.

"We've been in touch with every relative we've been able to locate and any acquaintance we can connect him within the area. As of right now, none of them have heard from Mr. Dubose since this incident occurred," said Captain Patton.

Patton said Dubose has a long list of convictions in Madison County, mostly thefts, and burglaries. He said the sheriff's office in neighboring Elbert County is also on the lookout for Dubose who was convicted of assault and robbery there.

Patton said Dubose went to prison about four years ago and now has a much more hardened look.

"He did not have the tattoos when he was arrested here. I believe those are probably prison tattoos," said Captain Dubose.

Dubose and the other escaped inmate Donny Rowe are considered armed and dangerous.

"Ricki just turn yourself in bro, you got your momma, is worried to death about you," said Chamberlain.

In the town of Hull, there is a lot of talk about the escaped inmates and some folks are even taking action.

"I'm just riding around just in case I see him. First of all they need to be caught, second of all there's a 90 thousand dollar reward," said Emily James who spent Wednesday driving around the Madison County area searching for Dubose and Rowe.

The reward has jumped to $115,000, plenty of incentive for James and others.

"I don't plan on encountering him, but if I see him, I'm going to call 911 and say, ‘OK, I just passed him here he is,’" said James.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office said deputies are checking places where Dubose may have contacts like the Diamond Hill Mobile Park.

"They've just been riding up and down through here, questioning people if they know anything please get them to help them get these guys off the street before they end up hurting somebody else," said Tom Escoe, a resident of the mobile home park.

"I'm very sorry for what happened. I hope you can forgive, the good Lord above you is forgiving," said Cassidy Vangren, a cousin of Dubose.

Two cousins of Ricky Dubose, Cassidy Vangren and Heather Karhoff, spoke to FOX 5 News. They said they want to believe Dubose was not the one who pulled the trigger in the fatal shootings of the two corrections officers, knowing it will only get worse the longer he and Rowe are missing.

"If he's listening to this… just turn yourself in, don't make it no worse on you," said Karhoff.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office said they have received numerous tips, but no credible sightings of Rowe and Dubose.

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