Like It or Not: Judicial Ethics

Judges have enormous power in our justice system. And when that power corrupts, justice suffers, people suffer, unless there's a way to root out bad judges. If you doubt me, consider the shockingly un-American treatment of Mark Thomason and his lawyer.
Thomason is the publisher of a small newspaper in the north Georgia mountains. He was out to prove Judge Brenda Weaver was involved in misusing taxpayer funds, so he and his lawyer filed an open records request. Instead of granting the request, Judge Weaver did the unthinkable! She alleged that the journalist was over-zealous in his pursuit of the public records and recommended that the DA take action.
The DA complied and a grand jury indicted Thomason and his attorney with identity fraud and attempted identity fraud, and Thomason with making a false statement. They had to spend the night in jail, had to post bond, and Thomason alone was subjected three drug tests!  Now Judge Weaver has since asked the DA to drop the charges, and she did. But the damage has been done, and the Judge needs to be held accountable! 
Quick! Someone call the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the group that investigates bad judges and whose Chairwoman is...Judge Brenda Weaver.
Long before Weaver took over, the JQC was embroiled in controversy for doing its job too well; some 66 judges resigned or were removed from the bench as a result of the JQC's aggressive investigations. That made some judges and politicians angry.
"You're not supposed to enforce ethics in Georgia, boy!"
So now, The Governor and other top legislators want to APPOINT the majority of the JQC.  The foxes want to fully take over the hen house!
But you can stop them. The change they want requires a constitutional amendment, which will appear on the ballot this fall.
So this November, vote "no" against the JQC amendment, and let's keep politicians from controlling this important judicial watchdog group. And hopefully, we’ll help put a stop to jailing journalists for simply doing their job.
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