Like It or Not: Amendment 3

The "Dukes of Hazzard" TV show was a comedy set here in Georgia. It was supposed to be just a silly show, but some of our leaders seem to be using it as a how-to manual.
Let’s consider the story behind Amendment 3, which is on next week’s general election ballot. If it passes, the amendment would abolish the independent, constitutionally protected agency that polices Georgia judges. It’s known as the JQC. The legislature would create a new JQC under its control.
So now I’ll tell you the story of the power play behind Amendment 3 starring three real bad actors.
Jefferson Davis “Boss” Hogg is to be played by House Speaker David Ralston. Ralston is a lawyer who could lose his license to practice law because of a pending complaint at the State Bar of Georgia. He declared he would “shut the building down” (the state capitol) if the Senate didn’t pass the bill creating the amendment. What does one have to do with the other?
The State Bar currently appoints three of the seven members to the JQC. If the amendment passes, the State Bar will be stripped of appointments to the new agency. And Ralston will have pulled off a Boss Hogg-style slap down!
This story also has the role of Boss Hogg’s top deputy, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane "I love it! I love it!" played by Representative Wendell Willard. It was his legislation that created the amendment. On the House floor, Willard proclaimed he “really does want bad judges removed from the bench,” specifically citing those who are guilty of sexual harassment.
Now this leads us to our last villain, who doesn’t get a character because this is NO JOKE!
State Rep. Johnnie Caldwell is one of Willard’s leading co-sponsors. He’s also a former judge who was forced to resign by the JQC because of accusations of sexual harassment. A female attorney gave the JQC a voicemail recording and other evidence of Caldwell’s alleged harassment. The words he used are so vile, they are not fit for broadcast, not even by today’s standards, but you can read them for yourself by visiting
In conclusion, these aren’t “just some good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm”. Their amendment will do judicial ethics in Georgia a lot of harm!
Visit to learn more about the damage this amendment could do, and why you should vote NO on Amendment 3 this election.
What do you think about Amendment 3? Do you like it, or not?
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