Money concerns mean sleepless nights

If you have trouble sleeping, there's a pretty good chance you're worried about money. Sixty-five percent of people who lose sleep have money on their minds, according to a new study by
You don't want that, so let's break it down to see specifically what about money keeps you up at night. 
According to the report, 38 percent of bad sleepers worry about health care and insurance bills.  But right behind it you'll see 37 percent aren't sure about their retirement savings. That keeps me up at night from time to time. Student loan debt comes in at 34 percent. Rent or mortgage at 26 percent. And finally losing sleep over worrying about credit card debt impacts 22 percent of those poor sleepers. Honestly, that surprised me.  I thought that would be higher. 
Whichever one of these may keep you up at night, try to tackle it. Medical debt. Check for errors in billing. Try to negotiate your healthcare tab. You'd be surprised, but often hospitals will do that. If you have multiple government student loans, get them organized. The National Student Loan Data System is a place to go for help with organization of federal loans. Can't pay or rent or mortgage? Create a budget. Get a roommate. Refinance. But don't let it get away from you. 
And while credit card debt wasn't the top of the list, here are ways to manage it. Let's say you have three cards. Pay just above minimum amounts on two. Pay more on the third. Put it away. When that one is clear. Go to card number two. And start over. 
Good luck and get some sleep. 
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