Last-minute FSA purchases

- Your Flexible Spending Account for 2017 is wrapping up. You've got to get those last-minute purchases completed in order to get reimbursed. Here are 10 purchases that count.

If you have an FSA, you know that you have to have all of those purchases made by December 31. What we often forget is what counts as eligible. The list is long. Very long. But I'm going to hit on a few things that you may be overlooking. Let's first take a look at five things that are outright eligible.

1. Braces. We're talking about back and wrist braces that can be both hard and soft.

2. Bandages and hot and cold packs. Yes, those Band-Aids, count, too. In fact, the whole first aid kit counts.

3. All things hearing - earplugs, hearing aids and their batteries. Turn in that receipt.

4. This one surprises me. Epsom Salts. Go figure.

5. And contact lens solution and supplies.  

Now, there are other over-the-counter products that are reimbursable, but you have to have a prescription, even if you're buying it over-the-counter. Again, it's worth a note from the doc in order to get your money back through your FSA.

Let's take a look at this list of five starting with this one:

1. acne medicine. If your teen is seeing a doctor about acne and gets a prescription, you can still buy the medicine over the counter and get reimbursed.

2. Allergy and itch meds are covered if your doctor writes a prescription. We're talking everything from antihistamines to Gold Bond.

3. If you get cold sores and it's a regular thing, go to the doctor, get a prescription and get reimbursed.

4. Kid treatments for dehydration like Pedialyte and diaper rash creams count.

5. And finally, lice treatment. Moms, stock up now.

Here's a link to a full list of eligible purchases: IRS LIST.

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