How to quit your job

- The new year is often a time for new beginnings. And this year may be the year you get a new job. But, that means quitting your current job.

Many of us have had that one job where we would have loved to quit in a dramatic fashion - one that let that boss know that 'You're not pushing me around anymore.' But since none of us has likely won the lottery, we don't want to burn bridges.

In all seriousness, though, it's normal to move to a new job. It could be better pay. Or maybe it's a shorter commute. Of course you may just not like your job. Whatever your reason, whether you work retail, or work outside, or sit in a cubicle, you want to do that with grace. For most jobs a two-week notice is common courtesy and really expected. But some jobs may ask for more, maybe three to six weeks.

Let's say you're working on big project and walking off in two weeks would cause a big disruption.  To stay until you can hand it off without causing an issue is the ideal situation. Either way, you'll want to write a resignation letter. Here are a few could templates to get you start: Letters to Quit By.

3 Things To Do Before Quitting
1. Get the details. Talk to HR about your benefits. Get up to speed on unused vacation and insurance.
2. Be prepared to leave that day. It happens. Sometimes they'd prefer you just go ahead and go.  
3. So, in advance have your computer cleaned off. Get personal pics and such off of your desktop. Delete personal emails. Have it done before you give notice.

And if you think about it, write a thank you note after you've gone. Tell your boss and co-workers what you liked about your experience there.  

Click to watch the story for how to handle that exit interview.  Should you be really honest about how you feel or perhaps hold back?

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