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- The side hustle. If you don't know what that means, it's what the kids today call a second job. It's a better name than "second job" that's for sure.  And it's all the rage now as so many young people are saddled with debt they are struggling to get out of.  

Now there are the usual things - weekend waitress, babysitter, maybe a wedding DJ.  And then there are some newer ways - renting a room to travelers in your home through sites like AirBnB or maybe driving for Lyft or Uber to bring in extra cash when you clock out of that day job. But, I scoured the Internet to see what else folks out there are doing - out-of-the box type things - and it was pretty eye opening. 
Since nearly everyone in my office is a writer of some sort, I started by looking for writing jobs, and I found ghost bloggers. Writing for someone else's blog. Many folks find crafting stories challenging. But if you're a good writer then it would be easy. Or be an editor. Let them write the piece, send it to you to clean up then post it online. Take that writing skill and tutor a young student. 
Let's say you love animals. Pet sitting. Let folks drop their dog at your house for the weekend. Make money curling up next to a dog on the couch. And while they're there, give that pup a bath for a fee. And as a person with three large dogs, I might be willing to pay for this one: a drop-in pooper scooper. Don't laugh.
People will pay you to come to their house to pick up dog poo out of the yard. 
Many of our Fox 5 viewers are good with their hands. If you are, advertise yourself as an IKEA furniture builder. Yes, that maddening IKEA furniture. Do it for others. And you know how often we've heard over the years, "I don't do windows?" Well, do windows. Wash other people's windows. Carve out one weekend a month do it.  Run errands. Sometimes folks are either too busy or not well enough to run to the grocery or to the bank. Do it for them. 
Here's are some other helpful links that can give you even more ideas and show you how to get your name out there. Good luck!
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