Forest Park Mayor, David Lockhart, in confrontation with police

-  A midnight caller tells the Forest Park 911 center that someone busted out a window of a vacant house, then walked into the house next door.

Four Forest Park patrol cars took off and arrived at the house within minutes.  On the front porch, officers found a man behind a screen door, with a cut left hand. The man refused to step outside.

The officers were wearing microphones and you can hear what the man told them.

“You want to get the f--- out of my house or you’re going to jail. Get off my property. Right now. Right now.”

At one point an officer told the man:

“If you don't come out here and talk to me you will be tazed and you will go to jail.

During the next 30 minutes, the man denied breaking the window, slammed the front door in an officer’s face, and cussed out officers and his family.

One officer called his Captain on the phone, which was also recorded:  “He refused to come out. Wouldn't talk to us. He tried to slam the door in my face. He is extremely inebriated.”

That man was Forest Park Mayor David Lockhart.

As the Mayor's wife arrived home, police get the full story.  Family members said it began with Mayor Lockhart eating dinner with his family in Underground Atlanta.

In police reports, various family members described Mayor Lockhart as "intoxicated" and "extremely aggravated.”

Mayor Lockhart's nephew drove his uncle home and pulled into the next door neighbor's driveway.  He did this so Mayor Lockhart's wife, who was following in a second car, could park in her own driveway.

The nephew said before Ms. Lockhart arrived, Mayor Lockhart "bust out the bedroom window of the vacant house."

Mayor Lockhart refused to talk with me on camera, but on the phone he blamed the entire incident on a new prescription drug he was taking. He said he failed to read the label that said not to mix the prescription drug with alcohol. He wouldn't provide the name of the prescription, due to privacy issues.

“We determined there wasn't any intent on his part to damage a window. It became more of a medical issue,” said Major Chris Matson.

Right, when it all appeared to be over, according to the police report Mayor Lockhart's son ran out of the house, telling police his father had opened his gun cabinet and ammo was on the bed, and his mother and father were locked in the bedroom.

Major Matson says the son got it wrong. In a follow-up interview with the Mayor's wife 5 days after the incident, she told police the door wasn't locked, but blocked by a "dresser."

“He moved a dresser looking for cigarettes, small houses, move a dresser it’s going to block the opening of the door,” said Major Matson.

Ms. Lockhart also denied earlier police statements that her husband grabbed her and broke her phone.

There were no charges.

Mayor Matson insisted there was no special treatment. “No. I can show many cases of people under medical duress, who have not gone to jail.”

But City Councilwoman Latresa Wells disagrees.

“If it was a regular citizen it would have been the same way, it wouldn't have. It wouldn't have,” Ms. Wells said. “He should have been arrested, just like any other citizen would have been arrested. You are not above the law; we're not above the law.”

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