Forest Park council members want independent investigation of Mayor David Lockhart

- Some Forest Park Council members and citizens are calling for an independent investigation of a recent police incident involving the Forest Park Mayor.

The response followed a FOX 5 I-Team report and came during the last Forest Park city council meeting.

At the end of the meeting, a frustrated Mayor David Lockhart, told one citizen: “You're just yelling out from the audience. You are as out of order as he was. Stop.”

The incident in question took place in May.  Forest Park Police responded to a midnight 911 call about vandalism, and came face to face with Mayor Lockhart on his front porch.

It was recorded by police. Lockhart can be heard telling police: “You want to get the ---- out of my house. Get off my property. Right now. Right now.”

At one point an officer tells Mayor Lockhart she will taz him if he doesn’t come out and talk to police.

During the next 30 minutes Mayor Lockhart refused to come out of his home to answer police questions, slammed the front door in an officers face, and cussed out officers and his family.

It all started when Mayor Lockhart had drinks and dinner at Underground Atlanta with his family earlier in the evening. Later neighbors called 911 when they saw a man busting out a window in the house next to Mayor Lockhart. 

Mayor Lockhart refused to talk with me on camera, but on the phone he blamed the entire incident on a new prescription drug he was taking. He says he failed to read the label that said not to mix it with alcohol. He wouldn't provide the name of the prescription, due to privacy issues.

After more than 30 minutes, police left with no charges filed.

After our report and other media accounts aired on TV, citizens came to last week’s Forest Park council meeting expressing embarrassment, frustration, and calling for an independent investigation of the police handling of the incident.

“I was quite disturbed by the several accounts I heard about your incident, Mayor, and I feel for you and your family,” one citizen said.

Mayor Lockhart calmly handled the criticism from three different people including Angelyne Butler, who is running for his seat. But, tensions rose, when city council members weighed in.

Afterwards, Mayor Lockhart told me he is moving forward on behalf of the city and implied campaign season was driving the criticism.

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