3 ways to get rid of holiday debt

The holidays are over and now begins the credit card hang over. The average person spent $986 on gifts, extra groceries, party outfits and more. 
Now is time to get rid of that tab. Listen, if you just pay the minimum, say $25 a month, at 15 percent interest, it will take 10 years to pay this off. That's crazy. Don't do that.  Your goal should be to get rid of it in three months. And I have a couple ideas. I'll show you what I'm doing. 
Let's start by talking about my closets. Right after Christmas with stuff coming in I decided stuff had to go. I posted lots of things from kid's clothing, to pillows, to lamps on community yard sale sites. And in 24 hours I pocketed $42. It's easy.  Do that a few times and let's say you can knock off  $120 from that $986. 
Now look at your credit cards. Did you rack up cash back rewards from those purchases? I have nearly $26 on one card waiting to redeem. I'm using it toward the credit card balance. Now I'm at $840.  
OK, let's keep chipping away. 
- 600 - cut out three months worth of lunches
- 150 - double up those credit card payments 
$  90
Now you can knock this out by picking up a few extra hours at the job, maybe offering to babysit for a few nights. Cut out all luxuries - coffee shops, manicures, eating out. Anything to get this number to zero. 
Again your goal is three months. No more. 
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