How to use sound and meditation for healing

Have you ever considered meditation or wanted to learn more about it?

Meditation is a mind and body practice used to increase calmness and physical relaxation.

Sound therapy and meditation paired together can be a very powerful tool to help balance the brain, mind, body, and behavior.

Research suggests that practicing meditation may reduce blood pressure, anxiety and depression, and insomnia.

According to a study in Frontiers of Psychology, long-term meditation may protect the brain by reducing age-related brain tissue degeneration.

So how do you get started?  Learn more: 

We asked Don Simmons, the President of the International Sound Therapy Association, in Atlanta.

ISTA is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of sound healing techniques through community and educational outreach, 

Every week, several people gather at Phoenix and Dragon Book store in Atlanta to hear Simmons play Tibetan and crystal bowls for one hour. 

"I get a sense of peace and relaxation," said attendee Linda Begin. "Don's meditation helps me work out any issues I may have." 

Why does Simmons use Tibetan and Crystal bowls during his guided meditation? 

The sound produced by these bowls will bring us back to conscious awareness without jarring us awake. The sound is not just heard with the ears, but with the whole body. 

The metal bowls known as Tibetan Bowls have been used in Asian countries for thousands of years to assist the process of meditation and healing.

The Quartz Crystal bowls have been around for a lot less time, but the effects are equally astounding.

"As the sonic sound waves of the Tibetan Bowl and Gong is released into the atmosphere and enters the human body, the mind immediately moves to the Theta brain wave frequency (two steps below conscious awake) allowing the brain to access the deeper planes of our consciousness for relaxation," said Simmons. 

The Quartz Crystal bowls act in a similar way only the quartz is an amplifier of this relaxing and healing energy.

The sound produced by the Quartz Crystal Bowls activate the Alpha Brain Waves, the frequency of imagination, visualization and awakened consciousness, according to Simmons. 

"Often we find ourselves "out of body" with the sound of the pure Quartz Crystal as it enters the brain waves into altered states of consciousness," explained Simmons. 
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