Fireworks cause stir near Midtown high rises

- Some residents in Midtown are concerned over fireworks being set off in between high rises, but officials said not much can be done unless they catch the person red-handed.

"I ran outside to peek out the window then my son started screaming and I saw all these fireworks so I took the video," said a Midtown Resident who does not want to be identified. "I just don't think they should be legal in the city."

The woman said she took a video from her balcony. The time stamp on the video is 9:45 p.m. Sunday, which outside of the legal time limit. The video shows fireworks exploding right between the tall buildings that cannot be more than a few feet apart.

Atlanta Police said they were called out on a "shots fired" investigation that turned out to be those fireworks.

"We can't clearly say that laws were broken because we didn't get the opportunity to investigate," said Sargent Warren Pickard. "Based on only the allegations that were made, officers arrived on the scene, and determined that they had left so there really wasn't anything to investigate."

Neighbors in the area said, to them, it is a fire hazard.

"There's not a lot of room and it's definitely a fire hazard," said Brian Smith. "Who knows what people have on their balconies? If anything catches on fire?  One floor catches on fire and people die."

When it comes to fireworks and other excessive noise in Midtown, Smith said there should be stricter restrictions to protect him and his neighbors.

"They really need to focus on the people that live in midtown instead of the people that want to come to midtown and have a party and set off fireworks," said Smith. "I don't think that's right."

People on social media said sparks hit windows and balconies. No one reported any damage to officials.

As of April 2016, shooting off fireworks in the middle of the city is legal with a few restrictions based on location and type of firework. As for time, on July 4 and January 1 you have until 1 a.m. to set off your explosives. Every other day of the year, it is allowed only have between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The full law can be read by clicking here.

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