Copperhead snake bites common, not as deadly

- The weather outside has been great for yard work recently, but the last thing you want to see when you're planting flowers, is a copperhead snake. This past weekend, several FOX 5 viewers ran across the snake and even spent the weekend at an emergency vet after a copperhead bit dogs.

Bubba the dog decided to play with the wrong snake on Mother's Day and ended up at his mom's clinic in Decatur.

“I came home and I found Bubba swollen and painful and of course I recognized it as being a snake bite, a copperhead bite right away, so of course we drove him in and started treatment,” Dr. Dianna Doss said.

Dr. Doss said in most cases a dog will survive a bite from a copperhead.

“They're sort of the least deadly of the venomous snake bites, but they do cause a lot of pain and swelling and tissue damage so they definitely need treatment, but most of the time it's not a life threatening emergency,” said Doss.

Coming face-to-face with a copperhead can definitely cause a panic.

“It was sort of frightening,” said Sally Fillo.

Fillo is visiting from California. Over the weekend, her 5-year-old granddaughter came across a Copperhead while swinging. She was OK, but she learned a valuable lesson and one her parents have been trying to teach.

“They've tried to tell her to be careful of snakes, but she just goes in all these places and in the bushes and everything. She's thinking twice about that. She said maybe we won't play out back today,” said Fillo.

According to Georgia Poison Control, so far this year, 56 people were bitten by snakes, 9 of those from copperheads. Last year, Copperheads bit 130 people in the state.

"They’re our babies. We have a lot of people come in in a panic for a snake bite, but the vast majority of them with time do very well," said Doss.

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