Tips To Resist Halloween Candy Cravings

 For most of us, Halloween is tricky.  There's candy everywhere. And, we all have our weaknesses.
For Emory internist Dr. Sharon Bergquist it's those "mini" candy bars.  Her favorites?  She says, "I'm going to say Snickers or Butterfingers."
      The problem? Candy is packed with empty calories most of us really can't afford.  Plus, each mini candy bars contains about 7 to 8 grams of fat, and it's hard to stop at one.  Dr. Bergquist says, "Chocolate is addictive. So once you start that first one, it triggers the reward center of your brain and then you want to go back for more and you want to go back for more."
     So, how can you resist your candy crush?    Start by buying trick-or-treat candy you don't really love -- and are less likely to binge on.   And, if you've already bought the good stuff, tuck it out of sight.  Dr. Bergquist says if you can't see the candy, you're less likely to over-indulge.  She says, "A lot of the eating we do is not mindful eating. We do it passively.  So if there's something sitting there, and it's tempting, we're going to eat it. If we don't see it we're not going to eat it."
    If you know your going to eat your fill -- choose wisely.   Each roll of Smarties contains about 20 small pieces of candy, but only 25 calories and no fat.
    Twizzlers and lollipops are also low in fat, though a Halloween size portion of Twizzlers contains a whopping 130 calories.
    Candy bars -- even the tiny trick-or-treat sized ones -- are probably the least healthy choices in your plastic pumpkin.  They're high in both calories and fat. 
     If your coworkers are trying to pawn of their extra candy on you, Dr. Bergquist says it's easy to say no if you're already full.   So, go to work prepared.  She says, "Take some healthy snacks to work so you're not filling up the candy, take some almonds, some nuts, maybe an apple or some yogurt. Fill up on the healthy foods."
       If you really need your sugar fix.  Go ahead.  But pay attention to how many wrappers are piling up.
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