Pookie the bulldog gets her fancy feet

She's spunky and slobbery, like any bulldog, but Pookie the "bullie" moves a little differently than other dogs. That's changing though, with some new, cutting edge prosthetics, made especially for this pup.

Cara Hergenroether, Pookie's foster mom, showed Good Day's Kaitlyn Pratt how the pet prosthetics work. She strapped the blades on the 1-year-old bulldog's front legs, buckling them tight.

"The bottom of these are like tires - very thick sneaker treads," Hergenroether said. 

Pookie first came into Georgia English Bulldog Rescue weighing under three pounds, with elbow and shoulder deformities. Form that makes her have to "bunny-hop" to move. The new blades lifts her legs up, helps her actually take steps. That means new muscles are being worked.

"She's supposed to wear them a half and hour and then build up another half an hour," Hergenroether explained.

A volunteer with GEBR, Hergenroether is familiar with the rescue's mission: Rehab and re-home bulldogs that are hurt, sick or neglected. The breed has a lot of unique skin and breathing problems. Pookie's an extra-special case.  The rescue, investing in the cutting edge prototype to improved the little pup's life. She has a lot of years ahead.

With her fancy feet strapped tight, and the help of some bacon, Pookie was on the move, her chest off the ground.  Her ability to adapt and overcome serves as inspiration for all who see her in motion.

"I took her outside and she fell flat on her face... literally fell on her face. The next day we did it again, and she kept going."

This $1500 pair are just for practice. Once she's completely comfortable in the training prosthetics, they will be printed for permanent use.

"I think she'll be able to live her life like a more normal dog. She has a great time at home. But she's not really able to get out and about without a stroller. So she'll be able to take a walk without dragging her chest across the sidewalk. She's got a little extra height. Maybe that will make her a little more confident  We'll see," Hergenroether laughed.

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