Woman teaches puppy to paint

A painting puppy in Minnesota is getting national attention for how he is choosing to stay busy these long winter months.

Kaydi Grunhovd has been a doggie foster parent for many years, but just three days after taking in 18-month-old rescue dog "Newman" she knew she had a keeper.

"I didn't want to give him up," said Grunhovd.

Grunhovd sensed the pup had smarts and put him to the test, deciding to teach the pooch how to paint.

"I thought it'd be interesting to try to adapt the paintbrushes so that he could actually hold them and physically push them across the canvas."

First thing: showing Newman how to hold a brush in his mouth. Once he mastered that he learned how to touch the canvas with the brush and after a few weeks of training, and lots of treats, Grunhovd added paint.

"I wanted to show that rescue dogs are smart and I wanted him to be an ambassador for that and then it's just an added bonus that if anybody wants to support him by purchasing one of his pieces of art that donations would be given back to circle of friends."

Newnan has since created dozens of paintings, which fetch anywhere from $10 to $35 on his owner's Etsy page.

"I'm going to take it as it goes, if he wants to do it we'll do it."

Grunhovd says she donates all the profits from the puppy's paintings to the Humane Society.

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