Hair 101: how often should you wash?

When it comes to hair one thing is for certain, not all tresses are created equal. 

Ron Cook, Salon Director of Van Michael Midtown, says the number one rule is one size does not fit all.

That being said, how to care for you locks varies as much as your style, your personality and your happy hair. 

Cook says these days shampoos do one of two things, they either address your everyday needs, or they address your fantasy to give you the hair you want to have now.  He also says there are eight different types of hair. There's oily, there's dry, damaged, dull, fine limp hair.. there's also frizzy hair, then color treated hair- and also thinning hair.  Cook says, once you figure out your type and decide how you want to wear it, how often you shampoo can vary from every day to every couple of days. 

The answer isn’t cut and dry. 

According to Cook, fine hair, limp can shampoo every day.  Frizzy hair… you may not want to shampoo once a week.  If your hair is color treated or has extensions, you can over shampoo that as well.

Some African American women can go a week without washing their hair, but Rob recommends using products between washes.  Those products can be ‘dry shampoos’ you can spray in your hair to absorb the oil away from the scalp. The bottom line is that your body’s natural oil may make your hair dull after a few days of not washing but over washing can dry it out.  Cook says while there are no cut and dry rules, the best thing to do is pay attention and don’t  forget to add conditioners to add moisture back in when needed. 

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