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Gunman points weapon at toddler and mom

  • Search for man who assaulted girl

  • Woman beaten, bound, and kidnapped

  • District investigates sexual assault allegations

  • How did a young boy end up in the woods?

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  • Sandy Springs thanks police with yard signs

  • 'He's just lucky I wasn't pruning.' -- Woman fights off flasher

  • Community searches for man who assaulted 10-year-old girl

  • Active search continues for missing 79-year-old Pickens County doctor

FOX 5 I-Team

  • Bear cub mystery at Yellow River Game Ranch

  • 3 ways to protect your data in a rental car

  • Mowing contract workers say they weren't paid all they were owed

Good Day Atlanta

  • Georgia universities use app technology to improve campus transit, safety

  • Trash or treasure with antique expert Paul Brown

  • Team of the Week: Centennial High Knights

  • Pilates class helps breast cancer patients recover from surgery

FOX Medical Team

  • Home remedies for morning sickness

  • 85-year old Georgia grandmother battles Parkinson's with boxing

  • Is inhalable insulin catching on?


  • Trying a new style: NFL player working as master barber

  • Tree fire at Auburn's Toomer's Corner goes to grand jury

  • Derrick Rose, friends cleared in lawsuit claiming gang rape

  • Workers put final beam at new Falcons stadium in place


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  • Fresco it for FOX 5

    Fresco it for FOX 5

  • Wedding postponed by Hurricane Matthew brings unexpected joy

    Wedding postponed by Hurricane Matthew brings unexpected joy

  • Barn weddings have exploded in popularity in Minnesota, but neighbors in Scandia are not happy about a proposed wedding venue on a farm in their area.

    Neighbors upset over proposed barn wedding venue in Scandia, Minnesota

  • Texas is one of five states where forced sexual touching is not punishable by jail time.

    Should groping be a bigger crime?

  • Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says he wants to make sure all law enforcement officers in Texas are outfitted with bullet proof vests that can stop high powered rifle rounds.

    Bullet proof vests

  • Arlington Police Department

    Woman rescued from sinking car

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